5 Updates to Mech Warrior on the iPad

The experience of playing Mech Warrior on a huge computer or TV screen is very different from the iPad experience. So, for those of you who are first-timers to the iPad, or just downloading MechWarrior: Tactical Command on an iPad, here are the top 5 updates.

1) Size
Obviously, we were expecting the iPad version to be a bit smaller, but we didn’t expect to enjoy the portability so much. Unlike a standard MechWarrior game, this one practically fits in your pocket! There’s also the benefit of being able to see the entire screen with a glance, essentially getting a view of the whole battlefield where before you could only focus on a few Mechs at a time. Although the small size takes some getting used to, in the end, we think it’s worth it.

2) Viewpoint
In the PC Mech Warrior game, we got used to playing as one Mech and looking at things from the perspectives of single fighters. The iPad game is different; it also allows you to choose your viewpoint, looking at the field from all different angles. Instead of being limited to a single view, you get to move the camera around and see all of the fighters and all angles of the field.

3) Strategy
The iPad version of the game is much more based on broad strategy than the tactics of individual fighters. Consistent with the changes that the viewpoint creates, the strategy is much more about being a general, controlling all the warriors, rather than playing as one fighter. The strategy is about where you place the mechs more so than what each mech does. It takes some getting used to, but it’s well worth it.

4) Movement
Because the iPad is a smaller device, the graphics are much sharper and smoother than on a large screen. Even better is the fact that your movements directly correspond to the actions of the mechs. Instead of dragging mechs around, you place them directly where you want them to go. And since you also place the camera exactly where you want to look, this game has never been so much under your control.

5) Individuality
The new Mech Warrior is much more focused on your decisions and how they affect the whole in-game universe, rather than the interactions of multiple mech commanders. This makes sense, since the iPad doesn’t have the element of the old Mech Warrior of multiple players controlling mechs within one unit. Instead of playing a single fighter among other single fighters, you’re now able to act as multiple fighters at once.

Overall, we’re having a lot of fun with the new version, and hope you enjoy it as much as we have. Happy gaming!

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5 Ways to Be a Better iPad Gamer

Gone are the days when gamers where a select few, and gaming itself was a process that took tons of time just to set up, never mind actually getting to play the game. With technology like the iPad, everyone’s a gamer – and all of us are looking for the best apps, the fastest ways to beat games, and the newest social gaming craze. If you, like us, find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer number of apps out there, these 5 tips should help you out.

1) Ask the Experts

Remember those friends you had in high school who could never hang out because they were too busy gaming? Well, drag them out of the house, because those old-school gamers are the only ones who will really be able to tell you which games are the most fun and rewarding. Of course, our Facebook page is also a great place to talk to fellow gamers and get advice on MechWarrior: Tactical Command and other great games.

2) Try Things Out

Lots of games have free trials that you can test out before buying the full version. For the ones that don’t, testing it out on a friend’s iPad before you buy it may be the answer. And of course, lots of games available on the iPad can be found on the iPhone in a trial version. Nothing can quite match the combination of size and portability that the iPad has, though – so make sure to test it on the iPad if you really want an idea of how it works.

3) Invest in Longer Games

Short games that you’ll finish in a few hours, or longer games that get repetitive and boring after a few minutes, aren’t worth the money. Keep in mind that a five-dollar game that lasts you a few months may be better than a one-dollar game that only lasts a week. Our favorite games tend to be those that get us invested, and stay interesting long after the first few plays.

4) Ask Questions

After you’ve bought a game, you’ve made the investment – so how can you get the most out of each game? One of our top ways is talking to people online to see what their favorite tips and tricks are. Our Twitter feed is a great way to connect with others playing MechWarrior: Tactical Command (and similar long-play games). Gaming forums and iPad app review sites are also great places to talk to like-minded gamers.

5) Share Your Advice

Once you’ve become the best iPad gamer out there, come back and share your skills with the rest of us! Again, Twitter, Facebook, and gaming forums are the best places to do so. Don’t forget that reviewing games can help those you like get more popular, and even lead to more versions of the game being created.

Now get out there and start gaming!

5 Reasons MechWarrior is Way More Fun on the iPad

1) Precision
Gone are the days when only half of your mechs would respond to commands. On the iPad, you have greater control of each aspect of the game due to the whole screen being a touchpad – each movement of your fingers has effects in-game. The specific features of the iPad are very compatible with the game’s logic. The Apple-patented pinch-to- zoom and swipe-to-move functions fit right in with MechWarrior. We’ve never been so entranced by the simple mechanics of the game.

2) Portability
There’s something awesome about carrying around a gaming system in your pocket Instead of needing a giant screen, keyboard or joystick, and giant plastic disc case, now all those things are wrapped up in one shiny piece of metal. Gaming on the go no longer has to be an ordeal – which really applies to all iPad games. Not to mention, each level takes about 20 minutes to complete, so the game is broken into the perfect sized chunks of time for a morning commute or lunch break.

3) Graphics
As we already mentioned, there’s something about the iPad version of this game that’s extra-entrancing. Part of it has to do with being immersed in the high-quality graphics – which are rendered in true 3D. Partly because it’s a more streamlined screen, there’s less of the blockiness and jerkiness of a regular monitor. It’s also up to you where to place the camera, so you can view the game from all angles. This adds up to an even more realistic experience.

4) Social
Apple is the king of connecting your technology with your friends’ technology. At this time moment, the iPad lends itself more to social gaming, with features like Factime that you can use while you play. In the future, through features like the iPad game center and Facebook, there will soon be even more ways to connect. MechWarrior never been a more social experience. And of course, there’s always the option of turning those features off if you want some in-game time to yourself.

5) Novelty
Last but not least, one of major favorite parts of the new MechWarrior iPad game is
simply that it’s new. This is a universe that hasn’t seen major updates in a while, and we were beginning to worry it would fade out of popularity along with other games too unique to make it to the smartphone/tablet platform. The fact that MechWarrior has combined with the iPad’s technology, and changed for the better, is very good news for the game’s lifespan.

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Fixes and Features

Ed(our Producer) has asked me to do a more elaborate breakdown of our most recent patch fix as well as address some of the more important problems that have been plaguing our game.

- New Feature to unlock Zoom
An oft requested feature, which we’ve happily obliged the fans with. See, we do read EVERY email, or at least Sunny(the Studio Head) does.

- New Feature to disable in-game video playback for low memory devices
This should help alleviate the low memory issues for first generation iPad users. We’ll be looking at implementing more optimizations further down the road.

- Known issue with render driver on iOS 6.0

The recent update of the os from 5.0 to 6.0 caused a render driver issue with our engine. This issue is one that has been encountered by other developers as well and is not native to our engine. Our programmers are still fervently looking into it .

- Crashes, one and all

We are well aware of the high rate of crashes since launch day and have been working on these various crashes around the clock. Thus far, we are confident that the game has reached a relatively stable state with the latest release of 1.0.6.

We’ll be looking to update you guys on certain new features come this thanksgiving. Stay tuned!

Cheers ZR

Hello world!

Hi all and and welcome to the official MWTC blog. We are Personae Studios and we’ve been making iOS games for the past 6 years or so, give or take a couple of months and we’ve recently just released our latest project, a real-time tactics game called MechWarrior: Tactical Command.

MWTC takes its inspiration from past MechCommander games and brings with it a whole new way to play via the touch screen on the iPad devices.

This blog is something that we’ve wanted to do for awhile now but for various reasons(such as working on patch fixes and new features) had to delay its introduction to the official website.

The purpose of this blog is to provide a better and more personalized means of communication(instead of just using the official website or personally replying to countless emails, which I assure you Sunny, our studio head, is still going to do) with you, the fans. We’ll be using the blog to let people know whats going on around the studio, update you guys as and when necessary or whenever we’ve got something cool coming up(did I hear mech lab?).

This blog will exist alongside the official website, which will still be used to communicate official news (such as patch notes etc), and will provide fans with interesting tidbits(answer in further detail the most frequently asked questions) and stuff(unreleased concept art) as well as other miscellaneous posts along the way.

If you have an idea or suggestion(for both the blog or game), do drop us an email(Sunny really reads EVERY email you guys send us) and, who knows, we may just follow up on it.

Cheers, ZR