The walk command makes the unit walk to the selected location. A mech can walk forward and backward while turning its torso, allowing it to execute attack commands at the same time as walk commands. The walk command is executed with any simple tap on the ground.

Run orders the unit run to the selected location. Units that are running move faster, but can’t turn their torso or move backwards, so they cannot engage the enemy at the same time. Running can be useful to maneuver al little faster in combat, but is mostly useful for moving around the map more quickly.

The jump command orders the unit to jump to the selected location. The command is only available if the ‘mech is close enough to the indicated location to execute the jump and has jumpjets. Jumping can be used to reach some areas of the map that are otherwise inaccessible, and can help you move across some obstacles such as walls, cliffs, or small stretches of forest. Jumping is very useful for getting behind enemies in a fight to inflict a lot of damage by shooting them in the back.

Makes the unit stop whatever it is currently doing.