The attack command designates the enemy as the unit’s target. ‘Mechs will try to move to a position where they can use all their weapons while under this command. You can continue to issue move orders while a ‘mech is following an attack command to execute flanking maneuvers and exploit the enemy’s sides and rear. The attack command is executed with any simple tap on the enemy.

Aim and Fire orders your ‘mech to engage the target while holding position. This command is useful to execute long range attacks with units like the Catapult, or welcome enemies that are moving towards your position with a barrage of weapons fire the instant they come within range. Any shots fired while under an Aim & Fire command also get a small damage bonus.

Alpha strikes cause the ‘mech to fire all their weapons while ignoring heat warnings. Alpha strikes are useful for picking off dangerous enemies quickly, evening the odds when outnumbered, or as a finishing move to destroy damaged opponents.

Charging an enemy ‘mech will inflict some damage and knock it to the ground. It will also do some damage to the unit that’s performing the charge, and possibly cause it to topple over as well. How much damage is inflicted depends on the weight of the mechs in the collision. This command is useful to knock down high threat enemies so you can deal with them while they can’t shoot back. Vehicles are destroyed instantly by a charge. This order is only available if you have a single unit selected.

Death from Above is a risky maneuver that only ‘mechs with jump jets can perform. It works the same as a charge, however, instead of simply running at the enemy the ‘mech uses its jump jets to gain some altitude and slam down on the opponent. This attack inflicts considerably more damage than a charge. The damage your own ‘mech takes is confined to the legs during a DFA, while the damage the enemy takes is confined to their upper body, giving you a higher chance to crush their cockpit. This order is only available if you have a single, jump capable unit selected.

Headshots can only be executed by particularly skilled pilots (such as Kendra). This attack attempts to hit the enemy’s cockpit, and in the process can knock down the enemy ‘mech as the pilot becomes stunned by the impact. A successful headshot is extremely deadly, but even the most skilled pilots can’t always pull it off. This order is only available if you have a single unit selected.