iDevice Compatibility Grid

Q: I really want to buy MechWarrior: Tactical Command but I don’t know if it will work on my device.

A: Check the following tables for more information on how the game performs on different devices.


Enhanced Quality
4th Generation Enhanced Quality
3rd Generation Enhanced Quality
2nd Generation Enhanced Quality
1st Generation Reduced Quality


5 Generation
Full Quality
4S Generation
Reduced Quality
4 Generation
Reduced Quality
3GS Generation
Not Compatible
3G Generation
Not Compatible
1st Generation
Not Compatible

iPod Touch

5th Generation
Full Quality
4th Generation
Not Compatible
3rd Generation
Reduced Quality
2nd Generation
Not Compatible
1st Generation
Not Compatible

Full Quality means that the game should work just fine.

Reduced Quality means that the game still runs but hardware limitations mean that graphics will not look as good. It is also not advised to play long sessions (More than three missions in one go) on reduced quality devices as that causes an increased risk of crashing.

Devices that are not compatible simply cannot play the game reliably. We strongly recommend that you do not purchase the game for use with these devices. If your device is not listed on the table above, assume that it is not compatible.

A note on Jail broken Devices:  Jail Broken devices are not supported in our testing plans, if you try to play the game on a jail broken device we cannot help you with any problems that may arise.

Android Release
Many people have asked about a version of the game for Android and other platforms. Unfortunately, porting the game is not a trivial task. It will take a significant amount of money which our investors can't provide. We at Personae are actively looking for sources of funding but have no further news at this time.

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Last Update: 25th March 2013

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