Butler 6 Walkthrough

The unique nature of Butler Mission 6 has caused a lot of Players to experience problems completing it. Until the issue is fixed please follow these steps to complete the mission:

• Restart the mission from scratch; do not load a mid-mission save.

• Finish the mission in one sitting, do not minimize the app or pause the game for more than 15 minutes before completing the mission.

• Neutralize the 5 Elite Clan ‘mechs guarding the truck before capturing it.

To neutralize the Elite Clan ‘mechs you must lure them away to the bases from the center of the map and destroy them in the outlying bases. The 5th Clan ‘mech cannot be lured away and so MUST be destroyed.

As a general rule if all the yellow dots on the mini-map except the one over the truck are gone, the game has recognized that the Clan ‘mechs have been neutralized.

After that capture the truck then move all your ‘mechs to the extraction point.

Last Update: 6th December 2012

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